Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 8th
The imagination is a wonderful thing.  I had visions of my publishing contract arriving fast and urgent by Fedex. I pictured myself flying out to take it from the Fedex guy's hands, of ripping open the express envelope and puling out my glorious few page contract, then hanging it on the wall for all to see.  Well, the contract did arrive yesterday, but not by Fedex. It came by e-mail via my agent, seventeen pages of who can do this and say that, who gets what in the event of this or that (hey, I get 40 free copies - it's in the contract!) And this is only the first draft. It's exciting, though; it made a me smile. It made me think if only my dad could have lived to see this day....
Another exciting thing that happened yesterday was that I finally got my website up and quickly fired it off to everyone I knew. Then I sat down and read through it - sort of the wrong way around to do it, because I found typos and some writing I'm not that proud of. So, I'll work out the kinks and post the link here. Keep your eyes on this space.

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