Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13

Yesterday in a flurry of activity, my agent and I went through my contract, made corrections, returned it to the publisher, got the corrected contract, and I was oh so happy to sign my name four times and ship that off to the publisher. Yeah! There is something about a hard copy that just makes it all seem more real. Now I can frame it. Being a first time novelist, the percentages aren't great, but there will be no argument from me. I have waited so long to be published, they could pay me a penny (just so long as next time they pay me two.) I suppose there are some people who get into writing for the money, but they are not writing the kind of books I write.
As for my website, I thought it was up and running, but it is taking time to work its way through the system (so they tell me.) There's no point in giving out the address yet, because it won't come up when you google it. But when it does, I'll post the address and then the link between the blog and the website will be complete - so far, it's working website to blog but not the other way around. I will put in writing, though, that the novel I have just sold is about Scotland, ancient Scotland - around 735, to be precise. It is about time travel back to that pre-Christian era. I am not a "time traveller" sort of writer. I had wanted to write about this particular location in Scotland for a while, but didn't want to write pure historical fiction. Then when "The Time Traveller's Wife," came out to such acclaim, it seemed as though I had found my vehicle. Anyway, time is not what we once though it was. Not even theoretical physicists, who spend all their time thinking about this sort of thing, have the foggiest notion what time is. And when I began to research it, it seems that time travel is not ruled by Quantum Physics. In fact, a bunch of noodle heads, of the academic type, got together to try and prove that Einstein does in fact rule out the notion that time could be so plastic as to permit travel through it, and they couldn't do it. And as they (not the noodle heads, but the wizards) say, reality isn't just stranger than we think, but stranger than we can think. So, there.
I'll get the website up soon.

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