Friday, March 30, 2012

March 30th

Well, none of my suggested titles seems to have set off any fireworks, so it's back to the drawing board. If it were a question of drawing, it would be easier. Speaking of which, I had to extract a promise from my publishers that there would be no tacky pictures of kilted men on the front of this book.  No images of Fabio-type muscle men (Fabio the model, not the cook) dragging a high-heeled damsel off the front cover.     My idea for the cover would be more one of the landscape around the area of Dunadd, something tasteful, full of longing, which is what I hope the book is. But the title eludes me. It's waiting out there in the misty bracken, but out of sight, like a Haggis.
My editor at S&S is working on my manuscript as I speak and wants to return in next week with suggestions via a Word programme called "Track Changes." Being a computer half-wit, I don't know how to work this programme, but I will learn. Learning (like greatness - pace Shakespeare) will be foisted upon me. How about "Time Track" for a title? Signing off until next Friday....

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