Friday, December 2, 2016

Writing Disorder

2nd December 2016

Time passes.
For the writers and readers of my book out there, I feel I should get back on topic and share a little about what is going on with my book series. As we all know, movement in the publishing industry is glacial, but I finally heard back from my agent to whom I had submitted my last book in the Veil Of Time series. The good news is that he liked the book very much. I believe he used the word "fantastic." Yeah!

The bad news is that he is asking for a re-write.

Between these two pictures is where most of my life resides. You'd think over the years I would have learned, but, no, once I have submitted my work, I sort of go off the reality radar into the belief that the UPS man is going to arrive on my doorstep soon with an enormous bunch of flowers with balloons and a note saying CONGRATULATIONS!! So, when I get my work back and the line, "I love it" is followed by the word "but," I end up for the next week, as I did over Thanksgiving, down in the dumps.

But a new day inevitably dawns. You go back to the lines from your agent after the "but" and you read more carefully. Well, those changes won't take so much time, after all. It's just a matter of a little tweaking. You open up your file and start making the changes. Hey, what do you know? This revision makes my book even better! You write to your agent and thank him for pushing you. Life is good. Yeah!

People might be forgiven for thinking these swings between mania and depression look awfully like  bi-polar disorder. It is an affliction, I'll agree to that. But its name is simply The Writing Life.

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