Friday, November 11, 2016


11th November 2016

Auuummmm. Here's my go-to mantra: Everything at this moment is exactly as it should be. I have been up nights refining my conspiracy theory about Russian involvement in Tuesday's election. I still think it might be true, if unprovable, but the high ground here is a place of trust. Some may call it denial, and perhaps they're right. I am not going to be militant on this. Tuesday sort of sucker-punched all that out of me. But it's a clump of grass to get hold off on our way out of this mire. Here it is: chaos comes before creation. Sometimes everything has to dissolve into a state of Nothingness before it can coalesce and become Something.

The fastest way to accepting this is to try prying your hands off the wheel. Just for a moment, step back and let the vehicle drive itself. It might seem like a scary thing to do, but my image for this is a car on a track: we think we're directing it by keeping our white-knuckled hands on that wheel, but in actual fact, the car is going to go where the track takes it, so you might as well sit back and enjoy the scenery.

I know that sounds rather deterministic, as though we have no power to direct ourselves. But life just is this tight-rope walk between destiny and choice. We have to put it down to paradox, as so much of life seems to be. We just might be living through one of the greatest paradoxes of all time. Have faith. It's all that's left us. 

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