Friday, October 7, 2016

The Wall

October 7th 2016

I made a promise to myself when this whole election circus began that I would be taking a back seat, and certainly not be sitting ringside. Unfortunately, I have failed miserably. My finger seems to be stuck on the newsfeed button, just because all you have to do is have a one hour nap in the afternoon and you come back to Donald Trump tearing off yet another scrap from his emperor's clothing. Pretty soon, he will be naked before us, in all his shining stupidity, and, yeuk, what a thought.
I admit it was nice to have one week out of all of this whilst in Scotland, but there the headlines were full of another type of circus: Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn.

The world seems to have come completely unstuck, as right wing nut outdoes left wing nut outdoes any semblance of sanity.
Back in the good old USA, I did appreciate the stunning autumn colours, but I was soon back to the compulsive newsfeed business. Let it be said, I do not consider Hillary a paragon of virtue, or even very easy to listen to, but I can only shake my head in dumbstruck wonder that the United States  can't make up its mind between these two.
I console myself with Robert Frost's thought that "Something there is that does not love a wall." I have to reassure myself that this feeling will win the day. Something there is about Trump that does love a wall, and in the end I hope it will count against him.

Trump versus Hillary. There has been so much hype about not playing the woman card, but I ask why? Hasn't the man card been played ad nauseum? America has had forty-three presidents and vice-presidents so far, and not a vagina among them. It's hard to think of another presidential nominee who was ever more qualified for this job than Hillary Clinton. On top of that, she has spent her life fighting for the interests of women and children. What is going on here if it is not the last rumblings of the old boy network? The last hurrah of the male-only elite?

So, I appeal to this country's better sensibility with another image from Robert Frost: at this juncture in history, two roads have met in the wood. One leads to a wall; one doesn't. Take the one that doesn't. And it will make all the difference.

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