Friday, June 10, 2016

White Men and Black Kettles

10th June 2016

What on earth are some democrats thinking when they say Hillary Clinton wouldn't be any better than Donald Trump? This vitriol is so extreme, I can't help feeling that if I dug around a little in the dark place from which this is coming, I would find some other prejudice lurking, and it might just have to do with the fact that she is a middle-aged woman. There is a bandwagon passing here that I think more than a few Democrats and liberals are jumping onto.  But the truth is, there isn't any considerable difference between Hillary's policies and Obama's. So what is going on here? Could it be that the American people don't want, as Rush Limbaugh said, "to observe the aging of this woman?" Would she be more endearing if she looked like Sarah Palin? Because in this land of the free, aren't women supposed to be attractive all the time? It's clear that the film industry thinks so.

She has wrinkles; she is old, off the sexual radar. How dare she? I have to say I like Bernie Sanders, but imagine if his hunched, white-haired, female counterpart were running. It's no accident Hillary has to dye her hair and look as young as she possibly can. I can't wait to see her and Trump go toe-to- toe in a debate. She will be able to show that she is a very competent candidate, aged womanhood notwithstanding. And I am glad she looks nothing like Palin.

As for the Conservative side. Here's your bed. You made it. Now lie down with those prickly right wing Christians, and let me tell you, they won't serve you between the sheets the way Hollywood says they should. But it was you that let them tuck in the corners; you let them seduce you into the bedroom. You let them help you forget the inconvenient truth, many inconvenient truths, but particularly the one that was written into your very constitution, that religion and politics should stay on their own sides of the house, and never, never, share a bed.

It's not just that religion has become the Conservative bedfellow, but the kind of religious zealotry that operates within its own little bubble. What Jon Stewart calls "Bullshit Mountain." Conservatism in America has a dysfunctional relationship to the truth. And now it's beginning to show.
The Grand Old Party needs to get out of bed and put on a whole new face, one that doesn't look like Mitch McConnell, and especially not like Donald Trump.  "Crooked Hillary," he says? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! The world has moved on, and the old boy network isn't going to work anymore. I think this is what this election is about as much as anything.
Hillary Clinton is not going to make any radical changes, and realistically neither would Bernie when up against obstructionist politics on the Hill. But at least she acts like a grown-up and engages her intellect. At least she isn't in the midst of a perpetual, shit-flinging, hissy fit.

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