Friday, April 22, 2016


My blog needs a makeover.  I have done two hundred and twenty-two of these babies, and if I keep going on about writing and publishing, with a few side trips to Scottish nationalism, I'm going to run out of topics eventually. Every so often I get the creeping feeling that I have already written the same blog before, so time for a change. Those shows where they take some fifty-year old woman and turn her into a twenty-year old are kind of compulsive because who doesn't love a makeover? As long as it doesn't turn out like this:

The goal in the beginning was to track my progress through the publishing world, and I have been doing that, but things in this world are either moving at glacial speed or they are turning angel pirouettes on a dime, and I haven't seen any of those lately.
Some people's idea of a makeover is to change their name from say Walden Schleimberg III to Sequoia Sea-Breeze. Plenty of those in Aspen. But I am hoping for more than a cosmetic change by switching the name of my blog to SLOGAN.
Slogan: A war cry from the Scottish Highlands.

That's me. A slogan crying in the wilderness. Not that this blog is going to shift to the Scottish Highlands (although I wish I could.) I will still be going on about writing, especially if I have any publishing news. 
But I am more than the sum total of my writing efforts, and this blog is going to widen its net of topics. For one, being a Scot in a high-profile community like Aspen, Colorado. Next week I'm going to rant and rave about the American political process, because it drives me bananas! If no one is interested in what I think about other topics, then in the words of Donald Trump, I don't care. Maybe posterity will.  'Cos I got the eye of the tiger, and you're going to hear me roar! Yeah, just like Katy Perry. I believe she is the daughter of a minister, too. In the end, we have to scream our way out. 


  1. Hi Claire, I've only recently come across your blog but am working my way through from the beginning (slowly, as I don't seem to find the time now that our weather is nice). I'm enjoying it and thank you for taking the time and effort to put your thoughts out there. Looking forward to your thoughts next week. I'm happy to be in Canada but I think the whole world is watching with trepidation (the election, not the changes to your blog!). Best wishes, Jill

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jill from Canada! Yes, the weather in Colorado is just beginning to feel like Spring, too, and I sometimes think it is worth the long white months for this first glimpse of green! I am glad you are enjoying the blogs - it encourages me to keep writing them. Happy green days! Claire