Friday, June 5, 2015

Dark Matter

June 5th 2015

The visible universe only amounts to four percent of reality. The rest is detectable only by the effect it has on what we can see and measure. But scientists know it is there. It is all just a little spooky.

Dark and spooky -  good material then for a novel, especially for the third part of a series on TIME. I have been standing at the precipice over the writing of this novel for quite a while, because it is going to be dealing with a very dark matter: the very dark issue of how we got to this point in history on the verge of extinction and how we could have opted for a different route. 
We live in a post-Christian society (according to Rowan Williams, former archbishop of Canterbury), so where to from here? Over in India, they have had the answer for a long time: you have to sever the head of the religious gorgon you created and see that all things, gods, religions, history, hopes and fears are invisible, come out of nothing and go back to the same place.  Our universe is simply a passing thought in the mind of Brahma, which is itself a thought. 
So it's all very dark and unapproachable. But this is the way stories get written: the writer takes a torch through the dark dark wood and illuminates little patches.

This torch is my only equipment as I embark on the walk. This light in the darkness is the human heart . But I am avoiding my desk, trying to avoid the spooks. In the quest for truth, this small area of illumination is all we are ever given.

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