Friday, June 20, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Baby

20th June 2014

Aahh, it feels so good, every morning at my desk, pounding away at the keys, chiseling and reshaping the narrative, molding it into a new and better story. I am full of optimism - I have left my first book in the dust. It is a grown up child now with a life of its own. Someone took a picture of it on a New Releases table in a library in Brooklyn New York.

I guess that review I got in the Library Journal ("Veil Of Time is a worthy addition to the Time Travel genre") did it some good. Veil Of Time is on its own path, working its way through the machinery. I am told it will become available to booksellers in Great Britain and in Australia in October of this year. My baby, all grown up and off to Australia!
This week I was talking to a well published friend of mine, and he gave me the advice not to hang on to my children (or was that a mother of eight - same thing.) "Just get on with the next," was his advice, and that's what I am doing.
I can't tell you what a sense of relief it brings, those barely noticed  minutes and hours, the staring off to the middle distance and then the tap tapping of the words from my fingertips onto the screen, painting pictures with words. What is so exhilarating? I would say it is the act of creating, but it is actually more the sense of being created through. I've talked in lots of blogs about hooking yourself into the collective unconscious, and that's what it is. It's our bliss, because the creative act is what defines us as humans. It's only in the humdrum, in isolation, that we fall into gloom. Wonder is being what we are - connected.  It is in a way a sort of love.

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