Friday, April 13, 2012

April 13th

I thought surely by now I would have something to show for another week's wait on the editor front, but it appears I have been bumped by something more pressing. My editor assures me I will be getting my notes "soon." The Jews have a great expression for times like these, "Oy Vey!" Anyway, not to sit idle, I have been working on a prospective TV series that is being put together by a local director called Kent Reed which is to be directed in actuality by Lewis Teague (of "Jewel Of The Nile" fame.) There's a bit of name-dropping for you. If you want another, I once had Christmas Eve dinner with Melanie Griffiths and Antonio Banderas ("Hello, I'm Antonio." "So, you are." He liked my trifle, that's all I can say. I didn't get to sit at table with them, but at the next table. They're friends of a neighbour of mine - a very unlikely connection, if you saw my neighbourhood. But I did get to make a dessert, and, being a good Scot, I think that trifle is the best of desserts. Antonio thought so, too. It's the European connection.) That's all the name-dropping I can do, except that I once was the B-act for Dougie MacLean, Scottish singer. He sang a song about the Lewis Chessmen, and I went away and wrote a novel about them. You have to watch what you say around me.
Anyway, way off the subject. The TV series is to be called "Ute City." I had breakfast with the two gentlemen involved, and we shook hands. No money was exchanged, and speaking of which, I still haven't received my advance from my agency, though I know they have it and are carving it up. It's fun writing scripts, much harder to write novels. Dialogue is always fun. I'm a people watcher, so put two people in a room, and I pretty much know what they will say. It's the interaction between people that is so interesting, the relationships, the way people handle themselves beside others, the shields they put up, the things they say without saying them.  I know all this because I make a point of studying it. In public, I don't say much. I must feel that others watch me as closely as I watch them.

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